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Three  years  ago my life was completely different.

I was commuting to work  – a 40 mile round trip often taking 2 -3 hours. I  would leave the house at 7.30am and  often not return until 7.30 pm in order to avoid the  rush hour traffic. I was consistently up until 2am marking and planning and never allowed out on a school night. I would crash at wine o’clock on a  Friday night. Yes  -  you guessed right, that was my life as a teacher.

Saturday was a manic clean, shop, wash and iron and so the cycle would continue. I felt I was on a tread mill. No quality time . But what about the holidays? I would usually collapse by the holiday and be ill!

Lunch would often be skipped or would be a ‘Tesco Meal Deal’ or a canteen ‘something and chips’. Evening meals were often ‘something and oven chips’ and there were  too many  ‘take -aways’.

Pressure at work was continually increasing and I believed I was being  targeted as  was one of the oldest. When a carrot of a voluntary redundancy was offered  - it was too good an opportunity to miss. I was delighted to be accepted but shocked  to discover that I had a week to clear my desk and the dozens of filing cabinet drawers  representing 30 years of loyal service.

What next? What do I do after 30 years of teaching  ? The answer came when I viewed the statuses of a friend on face book who I hadn’t seen since our graduation day over  30 years ago.  She appeared to have sacked her boss, be working far fewer hours than she had been  and was experiencing a great standard of living . She was going on amazing holidays including a free cruise and more importantly looked fantastic  and was having fun.

I wanted to know what she was doing and she invited me to a Herbalife Kickoff event taking place the day after I finished my job.

I have not looked back, my friend was my mentor helping me start up my business and now I’m helping others!
I now choose when and where I work . I love the freedom and the opportunity to choose how hard I want to work.

As well as having a new career as a health and wellness coach  and business adviser , I have benefited from using the products. I have dropped a dress size , lost a stone and 3 inches off my waist and hips. My muffin top has gone!!   I recently ran a 10 k and cycled  to France. I have so much more energy, better complexion and feel fitter than I did when I was in my twenties. My metabolic age is as low as it can be.



Me 'then' with my muffin top. I blamed the T shirt and promptly binned it,

Me ‘then’ with my muffin top. I blamed the T shirt and promptly binned it,

Now feeling fitter, looking slimmer and with loads more energy

Now feeling fitter, looking slimmer and with loads more energy

I now spend my time helping others to lead a healthy active lifestyle and reach their health and fitness goals.




3 Day Trial Results

I wasn’t recognised the other day – this person was amazed at how much slimmer and younger I looked.

Thankyou Herbalife

Sian Birch View All

I started the 3 day diet, easy to follow , didn’t even bother to reweigh I just knew I felt better. I immediately  started on the full weight loss management programme

Mamoona from Ashton under Lyne View All

I lost 2 cm off naval , didn’t lose any weight but gained 1 lb muscle. Had more energy

Lilian from Manchester View All

Being diagnosed with terminal cancer – I often just don’t feel like eating. having a healthy shake ensures that I get all the protein, vitamins and minerals my body needs.

Karen from Sale View All

I lost 1 lb 2 oz, 3cm off naval and chest and even 1 cm off right arm and wrist!!! Amazing !!

Juliet from Oldham View All

Lost pounds!!!  Lost 2% body fat !!  Lost  a few years off my metabolic age !!

Then I went on holiday and lapsed.

On returning – the ne thing I noticed perhaps more than my weight gain were the dark circles under my eyes. Whilst on the herbalife shakes the dark rings disappeared

Gayatri from Ashton-Under-Lyne View All

I lost  1lb , 1 % body fat  3 cm off naval and 2 years off my metabolic age !!

Ceri from Ashton View All

Lost 2lbs and 3 cms off my waist – am going to carry on with the Herbalife

Becky from Ashton under Lyne View All
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