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Our Healthy Lifestyle Hub offers professional, friendly, one to one consultations for nutrition & lifestyle concerns. We specialise in weight loss, weight gain and maintenance programmes but also are able to provide guidance  on pre and post fueling for various sporting activities as well as hydration and fueling during exercise .


What is a Wellness Checkup?

This relaxed evaluation can take place at the hub, your own home or even your place of work. You’ll  get information about your body’s composition including muscle, fat, and protein requirements as well as your metabolic age.

We will use this information to review your current state of wellness by also looking at the foods you eat and your current lifestyle habits.

Request a free no obligation  evaluation by completing the form below, and I  will get in touch to arrange a convenient time.

Please note the evaluation could take up to one hour as you also sample the products. Try before you buy!!

3 Day Trial Results

I wasn’t recognised the other day – this person was amazed at how much slimmer and younger I looked.

Thankyou Herbalife

Sian Birch View All

I started the 3 day diet, easy to follow , didn’t even bother to reweigh I just knew I felt better. I immediately  started on the full weight loss management programme

Mamoona from Ashton under Lyne View All

I lost 2 cm off naval , didn’t lose any weight but gained 1 lb muscle. Had more energy

Lilian from Manchester View All

Being diagnosed with terminal cancer – I often just don’t feel like eating. having a healthy shake ensures that I get all the protein, vitamins and minerals my body needs.

Karen from Sale View All

I lost 1 lb 2 oz, 3cm off naval and chest and even 1 cm off right arm and wrist!!! Amazing !!

Juliet from Oldham View All

Lost pounds!!!  Lost 2% body fat !!  Lost  a few years off my metabolic age !!

Then I went on holiday and lapsed.

On returning – the ne thing I noticed perhaps more than my weight gain were the dark circles under my eyes. Whilst on the herbalife shakes the dark rings disappeared

Gayatri from Ashton-Under-Lyne View All

I lost  1lb , 1 % body fat  3 cm off naval and 2 years off my metabolic age !!

Ceri from Ashton View All

Lost 2lbs and 3 cms off my waist – am going to carry on with the Herbalife

Becky from Ashton under Lyne View All
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